Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Funny Fear

So, obviously my tummy is expanding and there is no mistaking I am pregnant. Everywhere I go, it’s no longer “Are you pregnant?” Instead, people now ask me, “When are you due?” So, again, I’m just loving every aspect of this blessing; however, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I were to say I hadn’t had a concern or two. What’s funny is that the type of concerns I have had are not the traditional ones. I haven’t been worried about parenting. I haven’t been anxious about finances. I haven’t even been concerned about labor.

Okay, so what am I afraid of? Don’t laugh…my fear is that my belly button is going to pop out! My whole life I’ve had an inny. I’ve never really known of any close friends who have an outy. Josh jokes with me that like a well-done turkey, my belly button is going to just pop out. Yes, I know how ridiculous this sounds; however, I did have a friend who actually watched her belly button go from an inny to an outy in a day. This freaked me out a little. Josh thinks this is hilarious and never misses and opportunity to make fun of me. In fact, lately he’ll randomly make a popping sound (similar to the one they use on the Pringles commercials) and then grin at me in a really mischievous way.

I know there is no way to predict whether or not my belly button will pop out. I’ve heard some say it depends on the position of the baby. I also know there are many ways to conceal an outy (like simply placing a band-aid over it). And I also know that if it does pop out, it will most likely go back in after the delivery. Needless to say, this is truly not a reason to be concerned but I thought you would all get a good laugh out of my ridiculous fear.


  1. i was actually waiting for mine to pop out! it never came out completely, but was just about there. no worries though- it was back in right after he was delivered, and i think it's even deeper!

  2. if it makes you feel any better, i had one until i was a junior in high school before i had it fixed...now i'm going through it all over again with my pregnancy. haha...gotta love it